Politicians will continue to bury their head in the sand, if we don’t pull on their tails.

More and more Indigenous Peoples, local communities, climate justice groups and civil initiatives around the world are countering airport projects and aviation.

They defend, demonstrate, organise creative interventions, do flash mobs and direct actions – join them and show that people can take matters into their own hands!

Toolkits for your Actions

Action Toolkit

a toolkit for activists

Subvertising Toolkit

Counter aviation ads with the help of our subvertising action toolkit and posters with “alternative” aviation ads – for you to use as you wish!

Stay Grounded and Badvertising developped these resources for our subvertising action weeks that took place in April 2024.

Get support for your action!

Apply for the action pot

As Stay Grounded, we support groups to organise actions countering airports or aviation and spread the word about the steps for a climate-just mobility and our growing movement. We especially encourage groups from Global South countries to apply.

If you are planning to organise an action that fits our criteria below and need support, you can apply via the form below at any time. If you have any questions regarding the process or you are not sure whether you can apply for your action, don’t hesitate to get in contact via

Do you want to join a local group?

You are not part of a group yet but want to join the growing movement to counter airports and reduce aviation? Have a look at how to get active as an individual in our network or find a group in your region and join them!

Map of Airport-Related Injustice and Resistance

An interactive feature map brings together case studies documenting a diversity of injustice related to airport projects.

It presents more than 100 cases as detailed examples of the conflicts generated by airport projects around the world. The research also identified more than 300 cases of airport projects where there is evidence of conflict, that merit further investigation.

Latest Actions

Mass civil disobedience at Belgium airports and protests against destructive mega projects in Mexico highlighting aviation as the pinnacle of climate injustice

Mass civil disobedience at Belgium airports and protests against destructive mega projects in Mexico highlighting aviation as the pinnacle of climate injustice

Activists from across Europe took action at Liège Airport Hundreds of activists have been arrested in Antwerp after being targeted by police In Mexico, several actions are taking place against the new Tulum International Airport 16th December 2023: Today, supporters...

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Action Conference 2022

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Conference Programme

Download the Programme in PDF form

Summary of the Conference

Read a summary written by us

The AviAction: Stay Grounded Action Conference took place form 5-9 October 2022. with over 150 people, along with several dozen participating online, joining.

One result of the conference is the Action Toolkit.

The conference was hosted by N.A.D.A. – No to the expansion of Lille-Lesquin Airport, and it was an opportunity to share experiences, strengthen bonds and discuss strategies to counter the climate-damaging aviation industry and pave the way towards a just mobility system.

There was also time for taking action to support the local struggle against airport expansion and to stand in solidarity and make visible other struggles to counter aviation around the world.

Action Weeks

Action weeks 2018

From 30th of September to 14th of October 2018, people around the globe held colorful actions and events showing that in the face of the climate crisis, aviation growth cannot continue – as well as highlighting more environmentally sound and socially just forms of mobility. 

Action weeks 2016

Coinciding with the ICAO conference, local affected people, action groups and networks from around the world, organized the global action days. Actions took place in Austria, Mexico, the U.K., Canada, Turkey and France and Australia.