In order to counter aviation and climate change, and to build a just transport system, a lot of work remains to be done. This is how you can support our efforts:

Discuss and sign the position paper, help spreading it and try your best to work towards the 13 steps presented.

Engage in the Stay Grounded network by becoming a member, joining our mailing list and network meetings, and participating in (some of) our activities.

Add information in the online map on airport related conflicts, a project that is being developed together with the Environmental Justice Atlas.

Find a local activist group to fight together against aviation growth, noise and climate change in your backyard (e.g. an airport infrastructure project). Create political pressure towards putting limits to aviation (e.g. a kerosene tax; stricter flying policies in institutions), or push alternatives (like night trains). We can support you with our experience and solidarity. You can also have a look if there is an activist group close-by via our members section.