Action Toolkit to Counter Aviation - Input Form

Please take a few minutes to share with us some information on aviation-related actions, based on your experience as an organiser. This will be used to edit an action toolkit to be available in our website with key inputs and inspiring information for everyone who is organising actions to counter aviation.


2. Is there an action to counter aviation in which you were involved that you think should be included in this toolkit and for which you would be able to give us your input?
Tell us about the kind of narrative you used to frame the action: 1) how did you present your demands? 2) what kind of arguments and hooks did you use? 3) who was the target audience?
Where was your action set and why target this place?
Tell us why you picked a specific timing for the action: 1) why did you set the action in a certain date? 2) was it reacting to certain political developments or was it actively demanding new policies? 3) what were the concrete objectives?
Tell us more about the form the action took: 1) what was the dimension (i.e. mass action, small group action)? 2) high or low budget? 3) how much time did it take to prepare (and what phases of preparation? 4) tactics used?
Tell us what were difficulties experienced while planning and executing the action, that had a negative impact on the outcome or were hard to overcome?
Tell us what were the main factors that made your action really work?
Tell us what were some lessons you kept for subsequent actions and that you think are important to pass on to people planing other actions?

4. We will create an email address specific for questions and advice regarding actions, and want to use it to put people in touch with people having experience in certain actions. Would it be ok if, in the future, we forwarded to you a request from someone who wants to know more about a specific action?