Ban Private Jets.

End Luxury Emissions. 

Private jet flights are sky-high and reaching records. While many of us struggle with putting food on the table and paying our bills, the global fleet of private jets has more than doubled in the last two decades. 

Private jets and other luxury emissions are not currently regulated as such and largely excluded from key legislation that is supposed to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

The scandal doesn’t stop at private jets: business flights, frequent flyer programmes, and other “bullshit flights” are also the problem. Only 1% of people are responsible for half of all emissions from flying. 

Let’s put an end to excessive flights and: 

  1. ban private jets
  2. ban air miles 
  3. tax frequent flyers.

We are a growing movement

Together with 90 organisations, we’re calling on European transport ministers to end these luxury emissions.

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Code Rouge mass action against the aviation industry

Code Rouge mass action against the aviation industry

This year, Code Rouge are setting their sights on aviation with their mass action, which will take place between Friday 15th and Sunday 17th December. The 'People Not Planes' mobilisation focuses on the climate injustice of the aviation industry and its determination...

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Eindhoven Airport bans private jets

Eindhoven Airport bans private jets

In another win in the Netherlands, Eindhoven Airport announced today that it intends to ban private jets from the airport from 2026, with the exclusion of electric aircraft. This is not perfect, given the announcement is neither legally binding nor inclusive of all...

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Over 75 organisations urge policymakers to ban private jets

Over 75 organisations urge policymakers to ban private jets

For more information, contact Sean Currie at Stay Grounded, +447961485850, On Monday 2nd October, over 75 organisations issued an open letter calling on national and European policymakers to ban private jets and tax frequent flying.  As the...

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