Flying Is and Will Be a Major Source of Our Global Warming Problems and Is Currently a Great Example for Climate Injustice – so Let‘s Put Our Energies Here Before it‘s Too Late!

A replik to Sasja Beslik by Anne Kretzschmar, campaigner of Stay Grounded On April 5th, an article on the Blog Usejournal appeared, suggesting that: Let‘s start this statement with the points I agree on with Sasja Beslik: Global warming is a systemic problem and it needs to be addressed first…

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Illegal construction works associated with New Mexico City International Airport

CPOOME raises an urgent alert upon the illegal construction works associated with the New Mexico City International Airport. Workers, trucks and heavy machinery had entered the Ejidos of Nexquipayac on the Texcoco Lake shore without authorization and presentation of the project to the community on March 6th. After having faced resistance by farmers, the construction company was guarded by about a hundred strikers and armed men in the second attempt, threatening ejidatarios and ...

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Open Letter: Solidarity with Save Maldives

On Febuary 26, the Stay Grounded Network sent out an open letter to the President of the Maldives on behalf of its more than 100 global member organisations in solidarity with the Save Maldives citizen movement. It urges the recently elected President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to stop the ongoing and planned destruction of ecosystems and livelihoods for airport infrastructure - making the archipelago even more vulnerable to the climate crisis.

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Flying for Climate Change – culture jamming action

How anti-aviation activists in Germany faked the government of Hamburg and fooled the media to debunk the city’s myth of sustainability: A group of young anti-aviation activists in Germany came up with the idea to have a fictional government agency spell out the environmentally devastating truth of Hamburg’s aviation policy, usually sugarcoated in government documents.

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Solidarity with the Stansted 15

The Stansted 15 are a group of anti-deportation protesters who blocked a UK government deportation flight at Stansted Airport last year to make the links clearer between climate change, colonialism, homophobia and the border regime. In a world of the IPCC’s current forecast of 3 degrees C plus, innocent climate breakdown refugees will face ...

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