Your proposals need to be handed in by September 30th to anne[at]stay[slash] The decision will be made in October.

The project period lasts from October/November 2019 until latest March 2021.

It is easiest if your group is an organisation (a legal entity, like a non-profit association), but if that is not the case, you still can apply. It is also possible to send an application for the activities or campaign you plan together with another group (for example two organisations from the same country, speaking the same language, etc.).

With this application process, we do not want to create any competition between initiatives who work on aviation – after all, we want to build a movement that cooperates with each other. This is why we will try to be in close contact also before and while you write your applications, and we ask you to indicate how much money you’d like to get and how much you really need in order to be part of the campaign. This is how we can try to distribute the money in a solidary way.

Please contact anne[at]stay[slash] for any questions.

The application is informal – we need you to write 2 to 5 pages on the following questions:

  1. Who are you and what have you done so far (related to aviation)? What is your reach?
  2. Are you applying to be a main project partner or a cooperation partner to the “Let’s Stay Grounded!” campaign?
  3. What is the situation concerning aviation in your country? What are local aviation/ airport issues? What are current discussions in local media and where do you want to intervene?
  4. What is your goal?
  5. What’s your strategy (how will you disseminate the campaign or your actions)?
  6. How will you incorporate social justice into your agenda (e.g. through certain cooperations, target groups, or by using certain messaging)?
  7. What activities do you plan (including a timeline – starting from October/November 2019 until latest March 2021)
  8. How much money would you like to get through this campaign fund? And how much money do you need minimum in order to cooperate with us?
  9. What other support than money would be helpful or needed for you?
  10. What will you use the money for? (short budget proposal)