How to apply

Ideally, your group is an organisation (a legal entity, like a non-profit association), but if that is not the case, you still can apply. It is also possible to send an application together with another group (for example two organisations from the same country, speaking the same language, etc.).

We do not want to create any competition between initiatives who work on aviation – after all, we want to build a movement that cooperates with each other. This is why we will try to be in close contact also before and while you write your applications. In the application, we ask you to indicate how much money you’d like to get and how much you really need in order to be part of the campaign. This is how we can try to distribute the money in a solidary way. Since it is important for us to work towards solutions in a way that will not punish marginalised groups, we especially look forward for proposals integrating social justice aspects.


  • Main Project Partners need to hand in their applications by September 30th to anne[at]stay[slash] The decision will be made in October 2019. The project period lasts from October/November 2019 until latest March 2021.
  • Applications for the “Flexible Action Pot” can be handed in at any time until September  2020, if their action is carried out before December 2020.
  • Groups and institutions wanting to become cooperation partners can contact us at any time informally by email.


  1. If you haven’t been in contact with us yet, please send a short letter of interest to anne[at]stay[slash] as a first step. After that, you will receive additional information and we might have a call before we ask you to hand in an application.
  2. Fill in the application form (between 2 to 5 pages) and send it to anne[at]stay[slash]
  3. The ideas outlined in the proposal will be further developed together with the campaign team.

Please contact anne[at]stay[slash] if you have any questions.

We are looking forward working together with you in this campaign! Let’s Stay Grounded!