Jun 20 2023


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Webinar: Aviation and Climate Justice/Grounding Organisations (engl.)

Did you know that…

  • only 1% of the world population is responsible for 50% of climate-heating aviation emissions?
  • the carbon footprint of one return flight from New York to London is nearly the double of the yearly total average footprint of a person living in India?
  • in order to reach climate goals and achieve a just transition of the aviation sector, technological “fixes” won’t do the trick?

Do you want to know more?

Then join our “Green means Grounded!” Webinar Series taking place in June!

In this workshop you will learn about why reducing aviation is so closely linked to questions of climate justice. You will learn about facts, numbers and arguments that show the urgency – in our world in climate crisis – of reducing flights and staying grounded.

You will also learn about concrete steps to take and best practices that show you how to reduce flights at the institutional level. Business flights are a big part of many organisations’ carbon footprints and work to normalise excessive flying. This is why it is time to ground our organisations! If you are you part of a university, NGO or business that just need a little input to reflect on and change their travel practices, this workshop is the right one for you.

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