Sep 22 2020


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Webinar: Taxes or Limits? Measures to reduce air traffic in a just way

22nd of September, 4-6 pm CEST (find your local time here)
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This webinar is intended as a space of strategic discussion for campaigners and groups working on aviation: Should our campaigns focus on reducing demand through higher prices for aviation by taxing kerosene, tickets, or frequent flyers? Or should we rather push for limits to short haul flights, airport capacity, or even personal flight contingents? Or both?

We want discuss pro‘s and con‘s of taxes and limits, taking into account the implications from a justice perspective, the effects on the climate, and the feasibility of the measures. Which demands are currently, in the Covid-19 situation, the most viable ones?

After some short inputs, there will be time for the participant‘s experiences and perspectives. In case you want to prepare, find summaries of taxes and limits on flights in the report „Degrowth of Aviation“.


  • Alethea Warrington, Possible
  • Anne Kretzschmar, Stay Grounded
  • Bill Hemmings, Aviation Consultant
  • Jo Dardenne, Transport & Environment
  • Tone Smith, Ecological Economist
  • other speakers to be confirmed