Flyglarm Arlanda announces action around Arlanda Airport

by | 05 Aug 2019 | Stay Grounded activities

Flying or a future? (Framtiden eller Flyget?)

Stockholm, 30.07.19: Stay Grounded members Flyglarm Arlanda plan an action on the 11th of August, targeting a secret location around Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden. With the help of peaceful civil disobedience, they will challenge the expansion of the airport!

Since 1990 climate emissions from international flights taken by Swedish residents have increased with 61 % and no realistic strategy to decrease the emissions caused by the aviation industry have been presented. This makes aviation one of the sectors where emissions are completely out of control. Still the government let the state-owned airport company continue with their plans of expanding Arlanda’s capacity, with the goal of doubling the number of passengers until 2050.

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The Swedish government was expected to give green light for the next step of the expansion sometime during spring 2019, but no further plan has been presented yet. Instead ministers have been making vague statements like: “we have to look further into this question…”.  This might be because the two ruling parties cannot agree on the airport-issue. The social democrats support an expansion while the green party is expected to oppose it, though they still have not given a definite answer on the matter. This means this is the time to mobilize!

On the 11th of August Flyglarm Arlanda will level up the resistance with their biggest action this far! The action will be done in two parts with one group in a legal demonstration, and a second, more disobedient group of activists. Under the banner “Framtiden eller Flyget?” (Flying or a future?) they will make clear that plans of increased aviation are not supported by the people.

Event info:

Watch out for updates after the action day!