We want to build a strong movement and involve more and more stakeholders to become active supporters of our position, to change the public discourse around aviation and to create political pressure.

If you want to become a member of the network, please get in touch with us and/or fill in this online form.

Being a member means:

  • You become part of our Stay Grounded e-mail list and provide an active spokesperson
  • You can or should actively participate in our consensus-based decision making and in our activities (network meetings, actions, etc.)
  • You help us spread our position paper, make it visible on your website and try your best to work towards the vision presented in the paper
  • Your organisation’s logo will be included in our “members” section of the website, as well as a link to your website. If you as a local anti-aviation group don’t have a website but would like to have a site for your group, we offer you a subpage
  • You are welcome to support the network with a financial contribution

If you hesitate to become a member, you can still support us by different means.