Initiative for EU Kerosene Tax

Let’s end the €27 billion kerosene tax exemption in Europe!

Albeit aviation is the fastest way to heat the planet, flying is often cheaper than taking other transport such as the train. This is partly because kerosene (aviation fuel) is exempt from tax in most countries worldwide, while other fuel is not.

CO2 emissions from the aviation sector in the EU have increased by 21% over the past three years, so reducing flights is an essential part of reducing emissions. A leaked European Commission report revealed that taxing aviation kerosene sold in Europe would cut aviation emissions by 11% (16.4 million tonnes of CO2) and would have no net impact on jobs or the
economy, while raising almost €27 billion in revenue every year.

>> Sign the petition to tax kerosene here

A group of students has launched a petition to call on European Finance Ministers to end the airlines tax exemption. Stay Grounded supports this initiative.

A fuel tax will incentivize airlines to reduce their kerosene consumption. The initiative suggests using the tax revenue to improve long-distance railways across Europe, to make green transport options more affordable and convenient. It is also realistic about when alternatives are not available – the proposal is to keep the tax exemption for flights to and from islands that are not connected to the mainland by bridge or tunnel. The initiative suggests the introduction of a regressive tax, meaning the shorter the flight, the higher the tax rate would be. This is because there are more transport alternatives available for short flights.

Let’s end the kerosene tax exemption now!

Contact: kerosene.eci[at]
Facebook: Ending the kerosene tax EUxemption
Twitter: @kerosenetax_EU and #fairosene
Instagram: eci_kerosene and #fairosene

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