Join the campaign as a Project or Cooperation Partner! 

The “Let’s Stay Grounded!” campaign wants to build a strong European movement to stay grounded. Therefore, we need the active collaboration of different organisations and groups that, on one hand, organize own activities that make sense in their local context and, on the other hand, are connected, support each other, and show that the movement is growing stronger and bigger.

We are already in touch with many initiatives which are interested in joining this campaign. If you are interested to become a project partner or cooperate with us, please contact us: anne[at]stay[slash] We will send you further information and discuss which type of collaboration suits your initiative best.

There are three general modes of joining the campaign:

  1. Join as one of our 3 to 5 Main Project Partners who spread the “Let’s stay Grounded!” campaign in their country and connect it to their own campaign activities. Main Project Partners can apply for up to 20.000€ until the 30th of September 2019.
  2. Apply for funding for concrete actions from our “Flexible Action Pot”. The funded actions should point to the “Let’s Stay Grounded!” campaign. Groups can apply for up to 5000€ for their action at any time until September 2020, if their action is carried out before December 2020.
  3. Support the campaign as a cooperation partner: You spread the “Let’s Stay Grounded!” campaign in your network and collaborate with us on our online campaign platform.

We  can support all types of project partners with trainings, communication resources, by featuring some of their activities (e.g. petitions, actions) on our campaign platform and by boosting our demands on a European level.

>> How to apply for money?