Our network consists of 157 member organisations and groups around the world.
If you are interested in becoming a member, find information here. Find the current signatories of the position paper here and a plain list of members here.

2degrees artivism (PT)

is mobilizing, empowering and connecting a new generation of artivism for climate justice.

Abibiman Foundation (GH)

Promotion of sustainable livelihoods, human rights, peace, education, environmental, Climate Change, Land and Forest, Agriculture

ADRA – Association de Défense des Riverains de l’Aéroport de Bâle-Mulhouse (FR)

Association for the Defense of Residents around Basel-Mulhouse Airport.


pursues the mission of information and protection of environment and health of the citizens affected by air traffic around the airports Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and Bourget.

All India Forum of Forest Movements (IN)

Struggle for community forest governance, against carbon trade and commodification of nature

Alofa Tuvalu (FR/TV)

Raising climate awareness via the symbol of Tuvalu.

Aktionsgruppen stoppa Brommaflyget(SE)

Close down the environmentally harmful Bromma city airport.

Am Boden Bleiben (GE)

German activist group that counters aviation and strives for climate justice.

Action Committee Flight Distortion Baarn (NL)

We are a local group that looks after the interests of the inhabitants of the community of Baarn concerning the negative effects of the planes flying over their heads and houses following the four flightpaths that come together above Baarn.

Action Non-Violente – COP21(ANV-COP21) (FR)

gave itself the mission of building a non-violent, radical and determined civil mass movement to tackle the issue of climate emergency.

Aktionsbündnis “aufgeMUCkt” (GE)

wants to prevent a third runway at Munich Airport.

Alternatiba (FR)

gave itself the mission of building a mass civil movement to fight against climate change through the promotion of the existing solutions that enable to build a more sustainable and just society.

Amigos de la Tierra (ES)

We stand up for climate and social justice through advocacy, education and mobilisation. Resist, mobilise, transform.

Arbeitskreis Flugverkehr und Umwelt (AKFuU) (GE)

Stop airport expansion – reduce aviation – protect the climate!


is a collective of groups and individuals in Portugal who share the vision of the Stay Grounded 9etwork, for the reduction of aviation and a form of mobility that rests inside the planetary boundaries and is not at the expense of others.

Attac Deutschland (GE)

Attac Deutschland kämpft für eine gerechte, solidarische und ökologische Weltwirtschaft.

Attac France (FR)

Founded in 1998, Attac (Association for Taxation of Financial Transactions and Citizen Action) is struggling for social and environmental justice, and to get rid of the power of finance over people and nature.

Attac Österreich (AT)

Attac is an international movement working towards social, environmental and democratic alternatives in the globalisation process.

Ärzte und Ärztinnen für Umweltschutz (AefU) (CH)

AefU devolopped out of the concern about our increasingly deceasing environment which threatens our health and puts the life of future generations at risk. We work for an environmental friendly behaviour within the health sector and in public.

Auckland The Plane Truth (AU)

Supporting residents affected by continuing abuse from aviation.

Aviation Impact Reform (US)

aiRefom.com was created in 2012 as a resource to support and empower citizen activists who seek to reduce aviation impacts and reclaim local control of airports.

Back on Track (EU)

A European network to support European cross-border passenger train traffic and in particular the night trains.

BAW Bürgerinitiativen für Fluglärmschutz in Hamburg und Schleswig-Holstein (GE)

We are a group of citizens suffering aircraft noise, who don’t want to tolerate the soaring, unnecessary and noxious aircraft noise any longer.

Bevar Jordforbindelsen (DK)

A group to reduce flying and fight extension of Copenhagen Airport.

Bergwaldprojekt e.V. (GE)

Bergwaldprojekt e.V. organizes volunteer-weeks in German forests to stabilize the ecosystem and to give the volunteering people an insight into the ecological situation.

BBI Bündnis der Bürgerinitiativen – Kein Flughafenausbau – Nachtflugverbot von 22 bis 6 Uhr (GE)

The Alliance of Citizens’ Initiatives – No Airport Expansion – Ban on Night Flights between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. is an alliance of more than 80 citizens’ initiatives. The alliance aims to regain and maintain the quality of life of the people living in the Rhine-Main area. (second homepage)

BI gegen Fluglärm Raunheim (GE)

We are a citizens initiative fighting against aircraft noise, toxic exhausts and other negative environmental and social impacts from air traffic.

BIG Fluglärm-Hamburg e.V. – Dachverband der Bürgerinitiativen gegen Fluglärm Hamburg e.V. (GE)

Our organisation is fighting against noise and airpollution of the inner-city situated and growing Hamburg airport.

Biofuelwatch (UK)

Provides information, advocacy and campaigning in relation to the climate, environmental, human rights and public health impacts of large-scale industrial bioenergy.

BürgerInnen für Transparenz, Kostenwahrheit und Nachhaltigkeit in der Luftfahrt (AT)

A movement of citizens fighting the privileges of the aviation industry.

Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group (UK)

Campaigns for the action needed to tackle climate change within the Trade Union movement and works to build solidarity within the Trade Union and Climate movement.

Can Decreix (FR)

Degrowth innovation, horizontal governance, practice of degrowth

Can Pujades (ES)

is a food network in Vallvidrera that wants to transform social, labor, economic, ecological and health issues affecting our lives and our environment, through the consumption of local eco-biological products.

Citizens For Quiet Skies (US)

Advocate for reasonable regulations to reduce aviation noise pollution.

Climate Action Moreland (AU)

Grassroots climate action group in the Municipality of Moreland in Melbourne’s northern suburbs

Climacció (ES)

Climate justice group based in Barcelona, fighting in different creative ways for a system change to stop the climate crisis.

Climáximo (PT)

Climate justice collective in Portugal.

Colectivo Asamblea contra la Turistización de Sevilla (CACTUS) (ES)

dismantles the false projections of well-being through the touristic monoculture in the city of Sevilla.

Collectif Non au terminal 4 (FR)

a group of citizens fighting against the biggest airport expansion project in France, planned in Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport (Paris).

Comitato per la riduzione dell’impatto ambientale aeroporto di Treviso (IT)

Is a volunteers association that fights against the emission and pollution generated from airport “Antonio Canova” di Treviso.

CommunityAIR (CA)

Focuses on reducing the impact that the Island Airport has on Toronto’s waterfront communities.

Community Empowerment and Social Justice (CEMSOJ) Network (NP)

A network of human rights and development activists working for socio-economic empowerment of and promotion of social justice for marginalized groups in Nepal and the region.

Coordinadora de Pueblos y Organizaciones del Oriente del Estado de México en Defensa de la Tierra, el Agua y su Cultura (MX)

Original inhabitants and NGOs eastern State of Mexico coordination in defense of land, water and culture.

Dachverband der unabhängigen Bürgerinitiativen gegen den Bau der 3. Piste am Flughafen Wien (AT)

Umbrella Group of Civil Initiatives against the construction of a third runway at Vienna Airport – for health and environmental concerns.

Déboulonneurs (FR)

Civil disobedience against the advertising system.

Dejemos los pies sobre la tierra (PE)

is part of the fly fee global movement.

Digo Bikas Institute (NP)

Digo Bikas Institute (DBI) is a research and advocacy organization committed to promote ecological sustainability and social equity at policy and community level. Based in Kathmandu, DBI believes that Nepal (and the rest of the world) can develop meaningfully by identifying and applying alternative ways of meeting human needs without harming the nature and fellow human beings.

ECI Fairosene (EU)

European Citizens’ Initiative to end the unjust and harmful kerosene tax exemption in Europe.

ECOLISE Remote-ready (Europe)

is a social enterprise that supports people and organisations that want to improve their remote collaboration and reduce travelling.

Ecologistas en Acción (ES)

Is a confederation of more than 300 environmental groups distributed in towns and cities throughout Spain.

ECOMUNIDADES, Red Ecologista Autónoma de la Cuenca de Mèxico (MX)

Ecoregional ecologist group supporting the fight against the New Mèxico City Airport; members of Mexico’s degrowth-descrecimiento network

Elburg Vliegwijzer (NL)

Member of Samenw Action Groups TL – Information and action against unrestrained air traffic.

Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool / Enkhuizen Maritime school (NL)

offers education in sailing professional sailing vessels.

Environmental Justice Team (ES)

Is a research project to study and contribute to the global environmental justice movement.

Ethik-Labor (CH)

Helps to reflect upon and develop solutions for the most urgent questions of human beings, technology, agriculture and economy.

Explane (GE)

Berlin activist group that counters aviation and strives for climate justice.

Fellow Travellers (UK)

Is a not-for-profit, unincorporated association campaigning for fair and equitable solutions to the growing environmental damage caused by air travel. We aim to protect access to reasonable levels of flying for the less well-off, whilst maintaining aviation emissions within safe limits for the climate.

Finance & Trade Watch (AT)

FT Watch works as a watchdog organization looking into specific human rights and environmental impacts in dominant trade and finance structures and strives towards pushing for socially and ecologically more sustainable alternatives. Is currently hosting the network Stay Grounded.

Flight Free Australia (AU)

Australians raising awareness of the hazards of aviation emissions and how to avoid them.

Flight Free Canada 2020 (CA)

Aims to bring together 100,000 Canadians who will pledge to stay on the ground for 1 year.

Flight Free Deutschland (GE)

Has the goal to find 100 000 people who pledge to stay on the ground for a whole year.

Flyglarm Arlanda (SE)

We are a campaign working to stop the expansion of Arlanda airport in Stockholm.

FNAUT – fédération nationale des associations d’usagers des transports (FR)

Fnaut is the voice of french users toward sustainable transport.

Forest Observatory (MA)

Our organization works to protect forest and community in Morocco.

Förderverein Wachstumswende e.V. (GE)

Develops, promotes and leads projects aimed at a socially just, ecologically sustainable and economically sound society beyond the paradigm of economic growth.

Friends of the Earth Australia (AU)

Friends of the Earth Australia is a federation of independent local groups working for a socially equitable and environmentally sustainable future.

Friends of the Earth Finland (FI)

Work on a comprehensive apparoach to the environment and human rights.

Foundation Living with the Earth (NL)

Linked aspects of live are spirituality, ecology, social and (DONUT)economics.

Frente Amplio No Partidista en contra del Nuevo Aeropuerto y otros Megaproyectos en la Cuenca del Valle de México (MX)

Non-parties wide front against the New Airport and other Megaprojects in Mexico’s Valley.

GAIA – Grupo de Acção e Intervenção Ambiental (PT)

Environmental Action and Intervention Group – grassroots association for environmental and social justice, combining DIY co-learning with direct and creative actions.

Geen vliegreizen.nl (NL)

Webportal to show people alternatives ways of travelling than by plane.

G.I.G.N.V – Groupe d’Intervention des Grenouilles Non-Violentes (FR)

Organises non-violent actions of civil disobedience to resist projects harmful to the climate.

Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM) (UK/TH)

Supports opposition to aerotropolis projects worldwide, our work focuses on research, networking, supporting affected communities and campaigning.

Global Forest Coalition (NL)

Is an international coalition of NGOs and Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations defending social justice and the rights of forest peoples in forest policies.

GOB – Grup Balear d’Ornitologia e Defensa de la Naturalesa (ES)

In existence for over 40 years, the GOB has become a very strong and prestigious conservation organization and the lead in all matters relating to bird, nature conservation and environmental issues in the Balearic Islands.

Grow Heathrow (UK)

Land occupation living in opposition to the proposed third runway at Heathrow.


We represent residents impacted by London City Airport.

Il est encore temps Coutances (FR)

Creates an ecological mobilization on the territory of Coutances.

Initiative gegen Fluglärm in Rheinhessen e.V. (GE)

Protection of the population against emissions and health hazards from the aviation industry.

Initiative Psychologie im Umweltschutz e.V. (GE)

The Initiative for Psychology in Environmental Protection improves campaigns and messages for other environmental initiatives with the means of psychology by promoting behavior changes towards a sustainable society.

Jordens Vänner / Friends of the Earth Sweden (SE)

Is an environmental and solidarity organization working with climate justice

Kastelli Sattelites (GR)

An informal group of people resisting the Kastelli International Airport Project in Crete.

Karad Airport Expansion Opposing Task Force (IN)

Is opposing the environmentally and socially damaging expansion of Karad Airport.

Kesatuan Nelayan Tradisional Indonesia (Indonesia Traditional Fisherfolk Union) (ID)

Is a fisherfolk organization that promotes the human rights of the fisherpeople that are affected by coastal development projects and also by airport development.

Klankbordgroep Schiphol/A1(A6) Gooise Meren (NL)

Was established in 2017 to address the concerns of a growing number of residents from Gooise Meren (Amsterdam area) about the environmental impact of aviation growth and its impact on climate change.

Klima Kollektiv (GE)

Is struggling for a society which keeps the ecological balance and offers everyone access to the fundamental ressources. We work on the three key fields of social change: education, creating alternative structures and debate & action.

Korea Federation for Environmental Movements KFEM (KR)

As the largest environmental NGO in South Korea, KFEM is a civic environmental organization that takes progressive actions to support core values of life, peace, ecology, and bottom-up participation in harmony with the Mother Nature.

Labor für Kunst und nachhaltige Bildung (GE)

We try to find out how to inspire (more) people to live in a (more) sustainable way.

Land Over Landings (CA)

Our objective is to persuade Canada’s federal government to cancel a long-planned (46 years!) airport on Class 1 farmland and to protect the land as a source of food and fresh water for Canada’s largest urban centre.

Leave it in the Ground Initiative (LINGO) (GE)

LINGO works to accelerate the transition to a 100% clean energy world and keeping fossil fuels in the ground by identifying and pushing forward high-leverage, game changing solutions for ending the fossil fuel age as well as supporting front line resistance to fossil fuel projects.


Laboratoy of investigation of community development and sustainability – information for action.

Liegveld Lelystad (NL)

Opposes to planes flying low over people’s heads. Pollution and noise produces stress, which is why we support alternative transport, less travelling, and local circuits.

Loving the atmosphere (GE)

is a campaign targeting business flights with pledges for employees to lower their flights. The aim: A no flight busines world!

MA Programme in Social Entrepreneurship Goldsmiths, University of London (UK)

Provides practical and sociological tools to individuals motivated to develop alternative economic practices and frameworks to meet such challenges.

National Federation of Small Fisherfolk Organizations in the Philippines (PAMALAKAYA-Pilipinas) (PH)

Unites the Filipino fisherfolk in the country towards a genuine fisheries and aquatic reforms.

National Forum for Advocacy, Nepal (NP)

NAFAN is right based advocacy organization.

netzwerk n e.V. (GE)

Growing network of student initiatives, individuals and graduates who share and collaborate to advance sustainability in higher education across Germany. We stand for a genuine and new perspective on the discussion about – and the actual transformation process of – sustainable universities.

Netzwerk Ökosozialismus (GE)

Network of ecosocialists organisations and initiatives that is convinced that a sustaianble society has to surmaount both capitalism and our level of industrialization.

New York Climate Action Group (US)

Working on just transitions in the USA, focused on Northeast, and ending expansion of hydrocarbon infrastructure under Obama and Trump.

No 3rd Runway Coalition (UK)

Coalition of community groups, residents, local authorities, trade unions, NGOs and politicians against expansion at Heathrow

No Badgerys Creek Airport (AU)

We oppose a 2nd Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek

No Jets Santa Monica Airport (US)

Wants to reduce impacts and operations at Santa Monica Airport.

NOAH Friends of the Earth Denmark (DK)

Is the Danish member of Friends of the Earth.

Northern Forests Defence (TR)

Northern Forests Defense (NFD / KOS) is a movement that advocates for the protection of the ecologically interconnected and diverse area extending from Sapanca to Strandzha Mountains consisting of the last forest lands, watersheds, and farm lands along with many endemic plant and animal species, which is also threatened by a mega airport project.

Oregon Aviation Watch (US)

The mission of Oregon Aviation Watch is to enhance and protect the quality of life for Oregon residents by eliminating the adverse impacts of aviation activity.

Ośrodek Działań Ekologicznych “Źródła” (PL)

is an environmental education organisation that teaches youth and teachers about global climate change.

Our Climate Declaration (NZ)

Uniting those who want to take our future into our own hands. A future where our climate is protected can be created by opposing the damaging things that are happening, and inventing, creating and supporting the positive alternatives.

Ökohaus e.V. Rostock (GE)

Endeavors to interconnect ecological ,social, direct democratic and developmental projects.

Paguyuban Warga Penolak Penggusuran Kulon-Progo (PWPP KP) (ID)

Are villagers from 5 villages, who fight against the aerocity and the New Yogyakarta Airport that grabs our land and home.

PCS – Public and Commercial Services Union (UK)

One of the largest trade unions in the UK, with about 200,000 members.

Plan B.Earth (‘Plan B’) (UK)

Combines mobilisation and litigation to hold power to account for #ClimateBreakdown.

Plane Sense 4 Long Island (US)

An active community group working together to reduce air traffic noise/pollution which is destroying our areas.

Platform Vlieghinder Regio Castricum (NL)

Represents the interests of all those who want to reduce the flight nuisance to acceptable proportions.

Platform Vliegoverlast Amsterdam (NL)

Start with “Stop aviation growth” and continue with “aviation reduction”.

Periskop (AT)

Periskop is an Austrian non-profit collective campaigning for a profound change of the prevailing system and for a society that is solidary and ecological.

Possible (UK)

A climate action charity working to reduce the acceptability of frequent flying and equitably reduce aviation demand.

POW Austria

Verein für Klimabildung und nachhaltigen Wintertourismus

Rapid Decarbonization Group (CA)

is a climate policy advocacy and scientific communication non-profit based in Montreal.

Reclaim the Power (UK)

is a UK based direct action network fighting for social, environmental and economic justice.

Research & Degrowth France

An academic association dedicated to research, training, awareness raising and events organization around degrowth.

Research & Degrowth Spain

An academic association dedicated to research, training, awareness raising and events organization around degrowth.

Réseau Action Climat France

Reseau Action Climat (Climate Action Network France) is a network of 22 national NGOs working together to fight against climate change.

Residents Against Western Sydney Airport Inc. (RAWSA) (AU)

Is a community based group fighting against the development of a land-locked airport in Western Sydney, which will adversely impact the health, amenity, natural environment for surrounding residential areas.

Résistance Climatique (FR)

We invent a post fossil world by changing our lives.

Restons les pieds sur Terre (FR)

wants to create public awareness for the climate impact of flying and works for a reduction of flights. The organisation runs the campaign Flight-free 2020, collecting indvidual pledges to stay grounded for 2020 under the condition that 100 000 persons in France pledge to do the same.

Rising Tide UK (UK)

Is part of a grassroots international network of groups and individuals who take direct action to confront the root causes of climate change and to promote local, community-based solutions to the climate crisis.

Robin Wood (GE)

German pacifist action community for nature and environment.

Røst AIR (NO)

Røst AiR is a non-profit, multi- disciplinary, artist-in-residence and artist-run association. Our focus and interests include but are not limited to : The ecological transition, geo-politics, diversity, self-sufficiency, race, gender and intersections between ecology, decolonial thought and action, post-colonial feminism and queer theory.

Rådet for Bæredygtig Trafik (DK)

We raise our voices in the traffic policy debate, organizes public meetings and regularly performs a variety of responses with a focus on public transport, transport policy, infrastructure, transport, climate and environmental dimension, etc.

Sail to the COP (NL)

is sailing to the COP25 in Santiago to demand aviation regulation and stimulate sustainable alternatives.

Satukata Institute (ID)

Research and co-learning; to fight capitalist expansion and social-ecological crises.

Say No to Expansion of Aviation (NL)

Aims to inform and unite citizens globally about the necessity to limit the expansion of aviation and to demand legislation that limits the number of flights, nationally and internationally.

SchipholWatch (NL)

is a group of residents that opposes further growth of Amsterdam airport Schiphol at its current location.

Schokofahrt (GE)

Promotes emission low cargo transport by ship and bike (especially chocolate), re-connecting people to the trade goods they consume.

Sky Justice National Network (US)

acts as a hub for grassroots groups across the US.

Stay on the Ground (FR)

Manifest to stop flying and stay on the ground.

Stop de Wantoestanden in de Luchtvaartsector (NL)

Wants a thorough investigation of the way the Schiphol group is expanding, which we think is made possible because of manipulations of the Ministry.

Stop Groei Vliegverkeer (NL)

wants to save the beautiful countryside of Limburg with the approach ‘Business as usual is not an option’.

SustainAbility (PhD initiative)

We are an initiative of Phd students of the University of Tübingen. We have different backgrounds but are all interested in the different aspects of sustainability and want to promote sustainability in the University context.

SVPlanète – un Sport Vert pour ma Planète bleue

Re-inventing sport to protect the Planet and the People

System Change, not Climate Change! (AT)

Is made up of a multitude of activists and initiatives working together for climate justice in a decentralised manner across Austria. Our aim is to counter the “business as usual”, resist destructive projects – like the Vienna Airport Expansion – and to bring about concrete solutions based on solidarity that will help solve our global climate crisis.

TaCa – Agir pour le climat (FR)

A climate action group, focusing on the role and responsability of the consumers and advocating for a carbon tax with worldwide redistribution.

The Climate Mobilization Montgomery Co Md chapter (GE)

advocates for the declaration of a climate emergency and the decarbonization of Montgomery in a decade.

transform Magazin (GE)

is an ad-free magazine on social change and environmental issues.

TSSA – Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (UK)

is an independent trade union for the transport and travel trade industries with thousands of members across the UK and Ireland, working for the railways and associated companies.

Tourism Investigation & Monitoring Team (TH)

Examines tourism policies and practices and particularly highlights concerns and perspectives of people(s) affected by tourism-related developments.

Umanotera (SI)

Umanotera is the Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development with the mission to initiate the necessary changes and promote sustainable practices.

umverkehR (CH)

Our future needs sustainable mobility and a shift towards environmentally sound modes of transport.

Vote No Heathrow (UK)

Are a grassroots group of locals and campaigners opposed to aviation expansion.

We Stay On The Ground (SE)

We stay on the ground is an organization that aims to spread awareness about the climate impact from flying and work towards reduced aviation. We run the campaign Flight Free 2020, in which you pledge to stay on the ground next year – provided that 100 000 of your fellow countrymen promise to do the same thing.

Werkgroep Toekomst Luchtvaart (WTL) (NL)

Wants to stop aviation growth that harms the climate.


Action Group on the Impact Ostend Airport on the Environment (WILOO)

Zomer Zonder Vliegen (BE)

Aims to reduce the number of flights by promoting the alternatives: sharing stories on the joy of travelling over land, and providing information on how to do that.