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AUA-Rettung: Bruchlandung für das Klima

AUA-Rettung: Bruchlandung für das Klima

Wien, 8. Juni – Die Klimagerechtigkeits-Organisationen Stay Grounded und System Change, not Climate Change kritisieren die heute beschlossene Einigung auf Staatshilfen für die Austrian Airlines. Aus Sicht der Klima-Aktivist*innen sind die vorgestellten Klima-Maßnahmen...

Campaigns to reduce aviation – a movement for the privileged?

Campaigns to reduce aviation – a movement for the privileged?

Summary of our webinar to explore inclusiveness and social justice in our communications and actions As a global network, Stay Grounded has members all over the world and the global solidarity work is central to our work. Still most of our member groups are in Europe...

9 billion bailout to Lufthansa

9 billion bailout to Lufthansa

Find here the German press release of our member "Am Boden bleiben", critizicing the decision taken today on a 9 billion Euro bailout for the German airline Lufthansa, granted without any social or environmental conditions. The German activist group "Am Boden bleiben"...

Aktion gegen Rettungspaket für Lufthansa

Aktion gegen Rettungspaket für Lufthansa

Ergebnisse heutiger Online-Pressekonferenz und Aktion zur Übergabe von Petition ans BMWi // 338 Organisationen und über 70.000 Menschen fordern in Kampagne #SavePeopleNotPlanes soziale und ökologische Konditionen für Rettung der Flugindustrie Berlin - 30. April 2020:...

250 Organisations Demand Red Lines for Aviation Bailouts

250 Organisations Demand Red Lines for Aviation Bailouts

#SavePeopleNotPlanes: Open letter demands that workers and the climate are put first 6th of April 2020 - Today, more than 250 organisations from 25 countries published an open letter directed to governments, urging them to resist any aviation lobby attempts to rush...

Open letter: COVID-19 Just Recovery Principles

With their measures against the Covid-19 crisis, governments must follow principles that ensure a  just recovery. These principles must ensure that a future after Corona will be healthier and greener, more social, democratic and resilient. Together with hundreds of...

Airline bailouts: Save people, not planes 

++ Version française ++ Today’s meeting of EU transport ministers must not provide unconditional bailouts for airlines. Stay Grounded Network demands funding for just transition and climate jobs. Vienna, 18th of March 2020: Today, an extraordinary meeting by EU...

Filipino fishers join global climate strike

Filipino fisherfolk fighting against Bulcan Aerotropolis and wider infrastructure development, which is destroying wetland in Manila Bay, have started a mobilization called 'Fishers Rise Up!' 20/02/2020: Bulakan, Bulacan - The Fishers Rise Up! initiative includes a...

How to Tell Grounded Stories

How to Tell Grounded Stories

Aviation is deeply engrained in the lifestyle of many people in the Global North. Decades of advertising and campaigning by the industry lead to a view of flying that is connected to freedom and an open minded society. But with the rapidly escalating climate crisis...

New night train Vienna – Brussels celebrated by climate action groups in both cities

New night train Vienna – Brussels celebrated by climate action groups in both cities

After more than 15 years of absence, the night train connecting Brussels and Vienna returns. Twice a week, travelers can now travel in their sleep between the two capitals. It is only a modest start, but in both cities Stay Grounded members welcomed the new night train as a positive step towards a more climate friendly transport system. The first departing trains were celebrated directly on the platform by activists wearing pyjamas.

Paris airport expansion opposed by 67 mayors

France: 67 mayors, among them the current mayor of Paris, officially oppose the Roissy CDG airport expansion in an open letter to E. Macron. On Thursday 16th, a group of mayors representing more than sixty cities surrounding Paris gave a press conference on the topic...

Consumer shaming distracts from the core problem

Sigh. There we go again. This time, it is Karl-Johan Persson, CEO of clothing giant H&M who's reprimanding the climate movement. "A pattern of shaming that initially targeted air travelers rapidly spreads into other industries. Inspired by the Swedish teenager...

Degrowth of Aviation

Degrowth of Aviation

How to reduce air travel in a just way? On 5th of December, Stay Grounded presented the new report "Degrowth of Aviation. Reducing air travel in a just way" in a webinar. The report had been produced with much input from the conference on Degrowth of Aviation held in...

New Study: Measures to reduce air travel in a just way

Stay Grounded Network releases report “Degrowth of Aviation - Reducing Air Travel in a Just Way” December 3, 2019 - On the occasion of the climate summit COP 25, the Stay Grounded network publishes a new report on “Degrowth of Aviation”. It combines a multitude of...

System Change and/or Behaviour Change?

System Change and/or Behaviour Change?

On Oct. 29th 2019, our second Stay Grounded Webinar took place. We discussed with experts the role of behaviour change approaches regarding the much needed systemic change of our society and new social theories reframing the role of the individual in instigating...

Protest against Roissy Airport Expansion, France

Protest took off against the project of Terminal 4 at Roissy Airport, Paris, France: Stay Grounded Member Non Au Terminal 4 interrupted a meeting on the project’s public consultation organized by project developer ADP. The activists called for an alternative assembly of project opponents outside Airport’s House of Environment which led to a walk-out of two thirds of the audience. 

Forced tourism or: Travelling without Economy class

Article by Yayo Herrero, Spanish activist and ecofeminist professor, anthropologist, agricultural engineer and graduate in Social Education. Summer has passed, and with it lots of holidays and travelling. Many people went away for a few weeks. The seas have been be...

CORSIA – better or worse than nothing?

CORSIA – better or worse than nothing?

The next ICAO Assembly on CORSIA will take place in Montreal from the 24th of September until the 4th of October 2019. Stay Grounded offered a webinar on the 29th of August that explained the current status in the CORSIA process and indicated ways to resist the problematic scheme. Find a shortened version of the recorded webinar, and an overview here.

Sit-in of farmers for more than a month against Karad Airport expansion

For 36 days, small-scale farmers have been protesting days and nights with a sit-in in front of the district’s planning administration (Satara Collector Office) against the expansion of Karad Airport in Maharashtra State, India. The farmers had started the sit-in (Thiyya Aandola) on 29th of July and announced to continue their protest until the government meets their demands and cancels the expansion project. This agitation is the latest in the ongoing resistance of farmers opposing the airport expansion for more than 8 years. The protests take place under the aegis of the socio-political organization Shramik Mukti Dal.

Activists block fuel train to challenge airport expansion in Sweden

On the 11th of August a group of climate activists disrupted the delivery of aviation fuel to Arlanda airport outside Stockholm, Sweden by blocking 14 tank cars of fossil fuels from entering the station. Activists of the local campaign Flyglarm Arlanda peacefully trespassed into the fuel station, to challenge the expansion of the airport.

Opening of the BER successfully sabotaged

On the occasion of the technical rehearsal, a group of penguins called “Am Boden bleiben” (Stay Grounded) claimed responsibility for the prevented opening of Berlin’s breakdown airport. As part of the movement for climate justice, the penguins have been sabotaging the BER for years to prevent an increase in air traffic, reveals a video and letter claiming responsibility.

More than 300 aviation-related conflicts and environmental justice movements around the world mapped in research project

The EnvJustice project of the Environmental Science and Technology Institute at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Autonomous University of Barcelona) ICTA-UAB and the Stay Grounded network have registered more than 300 socio-environmental conflicts related to the expansion or creation of new airports or aerotropolis (airports surrounded by industrial and commercial zones). 60 of these have been analyzed and…


Du 17 au 23 juin se tiendra au Bourget le 53ème Salon International de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace, près de quatre ans après la signature en ces lieux de l’Accord de Paris, par lequel 195 pays s’engageaient à réduire drastiquement leurs émissions de gaz à effet de serre. Exonérée de cet engagement mondial, l’industrie du transport aérien prospère, et sa contribution à l’effet de serre explose.

Arguments against extension of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

Aéroports de Paris (ADP), owner of Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG), plans to build a new terminal (T4) that would add 40 Millions passengers per year by 2037 to the present 70 millions per year. The French members of Stay Grounded made their opposition to this megaproject clear. Read their a submission to the public consultation organized by ADP.

Illegal construction works associated with New Mexico City International Airport

CPOOME raises an urgent alert upon the illegal construction works associated with the New Mexico City International Airport. Workers, trucks and heavy machinery had entered the Ejidos of Nexquipayac on the Texcoco Lake shore without authorization and presentation of the project to the community on March 6th. After having faced resistance by farmers, the construction company was guarded by about a hundred strikers and armed men in the second attempt, threatening ejidatarios and …

Open Letter: Solidarity with Save Maldives

On Febuary 26, the Stay Grounded Network sent out an open letter to the President of the Maldives on behalf of its more than 100 global member organisations in solidarity with the Save Maldives citizen movement. It urges the recently elected President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to stop the ongoing and planned destruction of ecosystems and livelihoods for airport infrastructure – making the archipelago even more vulnerable to the climate crisis.

Save the date: Stay Grounded Conference 12-14th of July 2019

Since green growth and carbon neutral flights are an illusion, it is time to start a degrowth process of aviation. How can this look like? What are possible policy instruments that civil society should fight for, in order to put an end to the massive privileges of the aviation industry, and to bring forward a socially just and environmentally friendly transport system?

Flying for Climate Change – culture jamming action

How anti-aviation activists in Germany faked the government of Hamburg and fooled the media to debunk the city’s myth of sustainability: A group of young anti-aviation activists in Germany came up with the idea to have a fictional government agency spell out the environmentally devastating truth of Hamburg’s aviation policy, usually sugarcoated in government documents.

Solidarity with the Stansted 15

The Stansted 15 are a group of anti-deportation protesters who blocked a UK government deportation flight at Stansted Airport last year to make the links clearer between climate change, colonialism, homophobia and the border regime. In a world of the IPCC’s current forecast of 3 degrees C plus, innocent climate breakdown refugees will face …

Veleiros no Tejo contra aeroporto no Montijo

Este domingo à tarde, juntámo-nos em Lisboa para uma ação surpresa em defesa do estuário do Tejo, contra o projeto do novo aeroporto previsto para o Montijo. Enquanto na cimeira do clima na Polónia os líderes mundiais continuam o “business as usual”, dois veleiros...

Press Release: ‘Bulacan Aerotropolis’ threatens marine ecology, food security – fisherfolk

Calling it as one of the biggest environmental disasters to hit Manila Bay, the activist fisherfolk group PAMALAKAYA-Pilipinas said the Bulacan Aerotropolis Project will kill both the marine ecosystem and the lives of thousands of fisherfolk who subsist by fishing in the waters of Manila Bay. The project will be constructed at the 2,500-hectare waters of Manila Bay in …

New french report “L’illusion de l’aviation verte”

The aviation industry has announced its intention to become greener in the future. This report examines the different climate strategies. Do they deliver on their promises? Is carbon-neutral growth a realistic goal? “L’illusion de l’aviation verte” is written for people and groups that want to understand the greening strategies in order to effectively address aviation growth and climate change.

The illusion of green flying

A new climate agreement intended to ensure “carbon-neutral growth” in international aviation could lead to a massive increase in demand for problematic offsetting projects. Offsetting schemes for airports are a further measure to provide “green” legitimacy to the growth of the industry.

New Position Paper is out

The position paper "Stay Grounded - 13 steps for a just transport system and for rapidly reducing aviation" is ready. Find the position paper here. The paper has evolved in a almost year-long democratic consensus-based process. At several network meetings, we...