Opening of the BER successfully sabotaged

by | 29 Jul 2019 | Stay Grounded activities

Penguins claim responsibility for “Berlin’s most effective climate protection measure”

You believe that delays of more than seven years in the opening of Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is a pitiful failure of politics, authorities, and construction companies? On Earth Overshoot Day, Penguins of Am Boden Bleiben revealed: The delays were due to clever craftsmanship and intelligent climate protection. Design rather than disaster!

On the occasion of today’s technical rehearsal, a group of penguins called “Am Boden bleiben” (Stay Grounded) solved the mystery and claimed responsibility for the prevented opening of Berlin’s breakdown airport. As part of the movement for climate justice, the penguins have been sabotaging the BER for years to prevent an increase in air traffic, reveals a video and letter claiming responsibility.

In their statements, the penguins argue that the prevented opening of BER amounts to the German capital’s most effective climate protection measure. As the Berlin government is not in a position to put a stop to the flying madness, the penguins had to take matters into their own hands.

The video claiming responsibility shows the animal activists at work: they can be seen manipulating escalator-plans or cutting through important power lines with soldering irons and pliers.

One of the penguins said:

“It is not the long construction period of BER which is scandalous – but the fact that politics still want to go ahead with the opening. No plane should ever take off from BER! Instead, the building should be converted into a museum of fossil capitalism and obsolete mobility. We demand a complete stop to all airport expansions – at BER and everywhere – and a drastic reduction in air traffic.

“Politicians are not acting – it is up to us to shut down airports. WE are the red line against expansion! BER is only the beginning. From now on we will also practice our skills at other airports.”