Record air traffic levels show industry cannot be trusted

by | 04 Jun 2024 | Press Release

PRESS CONTACT: Hannah Lawrence, , (+43) 0670 550 09 34

Tuesday 4th – Climate campaigners have responded to the aviation industry’s prediction of record high passenger numbers for 2024 with outrage.

Campaigners at Stay Grounded say the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s prediction that air passengers will reach 4.96 billion in 2024 shows that the industry cannot be trusted when it comes to the climate.

Stay Grounded spokesperson, Hannah Lawrence, said: 

“The fact that the IATA predicts record levels of air traffic and $30.5 billion in profits this year shows that the aviation industry cannot be trusted to reduce their emissions. While they pursue dangerous levels of growth and get rich at the expense of the rest of us, those who have never taken a flight suffer the most from the climate crisis. We need urgent regulation to cap flights, ban frequent flyer programmes, and implement a tax on kerosene.”

The only way to cut aviation emissions is to reduce air traffic. Despite this, in their 20-year predictions, the IATA expects passenger demand to grow 3.8% annually between 2023-2043. This is despite analysis showing that without rapid emissions reductions the world would exceed 1.5 degree of warming between 2026-2042 risking catastrophic climate tipping points.


  • Stay Grounded is a network for 215 member initiatives around the world, including community groups surrounding airports, NGOs, and trade unions. The network campaigns for a fair reduction of aviation and for a just mobility system that works for all, now and in the future.