“There are no emergency exits” – ATERRA activists interrupt Portugal Air Summit

by | 03 Jun 2019 | ATERRA

Flight attendants from ATERRA campaign were the highlight of the first day of the Air Summit, the biggest aviation event in southwestern Europe. Just like a month ago during a speech from the prime-minister, there appeared paper planes flying around and a banner which read “More planes? Just kidding!” and “Jet fuel, duty free?”. Check out the video! (choose English subs)

It was the beginning of a panel with, namely, the CEO of TAP Air Portugal, the 5th main polluter of the country, and a representative of VINCI airports, the french multinational which owns ANA – Airports of Portugal.  They were invited to speak about their contribution for the country’s economical development. We reminded another contribution: for the country’s and the planet’s environmental ruin. 
Instead of a quick decarbonization to avoid climate chaos, total emissions in Portugal are growing, namely thanks to transports and the aviation sector – which emissions grew 7% last year. If we would let the government and VINCI go through with the current plan for expanding Portela airport and and building a new additional airport in Montijo, aviation emissions in Lisbon would raise about 40%!  

While companies profit, fuel (kerosene or jet-fuel) and plane tickets are not subject to any taxes. For decades now, European countries, pressured by the industry, benefit the aviation sector with tax exemptions. 
ZERO environmental association reminded that implementing a minimum tax of plane fuel could reduce emissions in 10%, and represent a 500 million dollars public revenue per year.
We want a reduction on air traffic, its local pollution and global emissions. A train system evermore extended, ecological and affordable. A city for the people, not for profits. 
Let’s protect the biodiversity paradise of Tagus Estuary, and the only planet we have!

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Video of the following moments

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