Climate Justice & Aviation – UK multiplier training

This is the application form for the UK multiplier training for participants based in the UK. If you are English speaking, but based outside of the UK, please apply for our international training. For more general information on the training and the modules visit our training website.

The dates for the UK training are:

  • Aviation and climate justice – Tues. Oct. 3rd
  • Greenwashing –  Tues. Oct. 10th
  • Just Transition – Tues. Oct. 17th
  • Grounding Organisations – Tues. Oct. 24th
  • Policy Measures to Degrow Aviation – Tues. Oct. 31st
  • Being a multiplier – Tues. Nov. 7th
    (This session can be organised in a hybrid form, in person and online)

All trainings take place from 5-7 pm BST (1st-4th module) / from 5-7 pm GMT (5th and 6th module).

The training has six modules. You should at least participate in Module 1, and another one of your choosing. However, we very much  recommend you to participate in all modules to get the full picture.