Webinar: Degrowth of Aviation

How to Reduce Air Travel in a Just Way

Thursday, 5th of December 2019
5 to 7 pm CET

Please register here until Wednesday, 4th of December 2019, 11 am (CET).

Beginning of December, the Stay Grounded Network launches its new report “Degrowth of Aviation. Reducing Air Travel in a Just Way”. The webinar gives the opportunity to get an overview over the numerous measures targeting aviation, and to discuss the results.

While it is key to point out the pitfalls and disadvantages of the current ‘green growth’ attempts (as was done in the last report by Stay Grounded “The Illusion of Green Flying“), there has not been enough investigation about strategies to degrow aviation.

The report and webinar aims to find answers to the numerous questions that arise:

  • What are steps for the socio-ecological transformation that is necessary to mitigate the climate crisis?
  • What advantages do different measures have, be it taxes, levies, limits or other instruments that could restrict aviation and it’s negative impacts. Which obstacles and problems might the instruments involve?
  • Do the instruments bring about more justice?
  • Is one strategy best, or is it necessary to implement a combination of measures?

With those questions arising in the growing movement questioning aviation, the Stay Grounded Network organised an international conference on Degrowth of Aviation in Barcelona in July 2019. The results fed into the new report. With this, the Stay Grounded Network aims to fill the gap and incentivize more discussions about possible steps and visions.


  • Magdalena Heuwieser, Stay Grounded co-founder
  • Dr. Tone Smith, editor of the report “Degrowth of Aviation”

Please register here until Wednesday, 4th of December 2019, 11 am (CET).