Webinar: How to Tell Grounded Stories

How to Tell Grounded Stories

30th January 2020
4 pm to 6 pm CET

Please register here until Monday, 27th January (CET).

Aviation is deeply engrained in the lifestyle of many people in the Global North. Decades of advertising and campaigning by the industry lead to a view of flying that is connected to freedom and an open minded society. But with the rapidly escalating climate crisis this picture is beginning to crack. It becomes visible what aviation really is: The most unjust mode of transport and a main driver of the climate crisis. Now, it’s more important than ever to talk about transport and the climate in a way that is not just in line with the scientific facts, but also in a way that unveils the green lies of the industry and paints a picture of a future mobility that is socially just and respects planetary boundaries.

In this webinar we will provide input about different concepts that form the basis of political communication. What are the narratives constructing and fostering our world view? How can we tell stories that reach our audience’s emotions? And how can we use political framing to strengthen the impact of our messages?
After answering these questions we will debate and evaluate the messages and language used by the Stay Grounded Network. We will present the communication approach of the upcoming “Let’s Stay Grounded” campaign and together discuss different approaches used in the network.


  • Manuel Grebenjak, Stay Grounded campaigner
  • Magdalena Heuwieser, Stay Grounded co-founder

Please register here until Monday, 27th January (CET).