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Together with our local partners, we want to support you with finding a place to stay in Barcelona during the conference.

As you might know, Barcelona has a housing problem, one of the results of mass tourism. Rents are very high and affordable accommodation is difficult to find, especially during the high touristic season. On the other side, a rising amount of hotels, hostels and especially AirBNB flats are contributing to gentrification and the lack of affordable flats. In order not to contribute too much to the problem, we propose not to use platforms like AirBNB and instead use privately offered noncommercial accommodation, if possible. Of course, if you need more comfort, feel free to book your own hotel room.

Privately offered accommodation

We are trying to find as many people as possible who can offer a room, a couch, or a space for a mattress in their flat. However, we cannot guarantee privately organized accommodation for everybody. Please write an email to accommodation[at]stay-grounded[dot]org if you would like us to connect you with a possible host, and tell us if you could bring a sleeping bag and a mattress or rather need a bed.

If you can offer sleeping places in Barcelona, that‘s wonderful! Please also write an email to: accommodation[at]stay-grounded[dot]org


We reserved a couple of beds in the hellobcn hostel for our participants: 6-bed dormitories (around 30€ per night, including breakfast). If you want to have a bed in the dormitories there, please book it via the homepage of the hostel and note in the comments, that you are from Stay Grounded Conference. If reservation doesn’t work, because it seems to be full, please contact us via accommodation[at]stay-grounded[dot]org. We’ll get in touch with the hostel.