Stay Grounded – Counter Aviation

From 1st to 12th of October 2018, people around the globe will hold exciting and colourful actions and events showing that in the face of the climate crisis, aviation growth cannot continue – as well as highlighting more environmentally sound and socially just forms of mobility! Will you be part of a rising global movement countering aviation and its greenwashing?

Why Aviation?

Aviation is the most climate damaging form of transport and one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions. But it‘s not just an environmental issue – it‘s also a matter of justice. While less than 10% of the world population have ever set foot on an aircraft, communities in the Global South, which have barely contributed to the climate crisis, are affected most. And: while it‘s obvious that we have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 1,000 airport infrastructure projects are planned worldwide. This implies land grabbing, biodiversity loss, soil sealing, repression,hampering particpation, noise and health issues. Let’s unite our local struggles to send a strong message that aviation growth cannot continue – not here, nor anywhere!

Why now?

The resistance against aviation growth is rising. Current climate “solutions” from the industry and the UN (like offsetting and promoting biofuels) are highly problematic and are being decided this year: On October 3rd and 4th, the Europe “European Aviation Summit – Up to the next level” will debate about European Aviation strategies. Coinciding, the annual industries’ greenwashing event, the Global Sustainable Aviation Summit, will take place. In November the details of the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation will be decided. We will show that resistance exists and send a clear message to policy makers: On October 1st, the position paper “STAY GROUNDED – 13 steps for a just transport system and for rapidly reducing aviation” will be launched to spark the debate about aviation. Our message is: here and no further! No more greenwashing, no more false solutions! Let’s join forces to counter aviation and its unjust consequences!

How to join in?

Anyone can organise an action with friends, or join in an event locally. The actions will be decentralized, and there are no limits for the creativity of the local groups be it small or big actions and events – eg. demonstrations, flash-mobs, photo stunts, critical mass bike rides, banner drops, blockades, lectures…

Media work can be done by each group but there will also be central support and coordinated media work, to send a strong common message: eg. there will be a video with scenes from all groups who submit film material. There will be a Twitterstorm, a logo and text modules for press releases that you can use, etc. Join groups from Mexico, the Netherlands, Austria, Australia, the Philippines, Denmark, UK, Thailand, Belgium, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, France and New Zealand that have already signed up!

You’re in? Then please contact info[at] (Send us an email!)

This call is part of the STAY GROUNDED network activities in 2018. The time frame for the action days was decided on consensus basis within the network. Learn more about the STAY GROUNDED network.

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