Aviation is a Health Issue

Facts, literature, and key solutions for reducing aviation’s noise and pollution

Stop Airline Advertising and Greenwashing

Join our International Week of Action against Airline Advertising, Sponsorship and Greenwashing – 15th – 22nd of April 

Let's ban private jets!

Find flyers, infographics, Q&A, sharepics and other resources.

Offsets are a licence to pollute

Read more in our new factsheet about what the aviation industry tells us compared to the reality of carbon offsets.

Book Workshops on Climate Justice & Aviation!

Book one of our multipliers to give a workshop on aviation and climate justice, greenwashing, just transition and grounding organisations! Or join one of our trainings to become a multiplier!

Common Destination

Guide on reframing aviation to ensure a safe landing and lay the tracks towards a fair planet


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Airport-related Injustice and Resistance