Political Parties Largely Ignoring Aviation

EU elections take place this June 6-9. We analysed the manifestos and found that almost every party is ignoring the issue – with only two exceptions.

Negative Emission Technologies are unproven, inefficient and unfair

Read more in our new factsheet about what the aviation industry tells us compared to the reality of Negative Emissions Technologies like BECCS and DACCS.

Aviation is a Health Issue

Facts, literature, and key solutions for reducing aviation’s noise and pollution

Let's ban private jets!

Find flyers, infographics, Q&A, sharepics and other resources.

Stop Airline Advertising and Greenwashing

Join our International Week of Action against Airline Advertising, Sponsorship and Greenwashing – 15th – 22nd of April 

Common Destination

Guide on reframing aviation to ensure a safe landing and lay the tracks towards a fair planet

Book Workshops on Climate Justice & Aviation!

Book one of our multipliers to give a workshop on aviation and climate justice, greenwashing, just transition and grounding organisations! Or join one of our trainings to become a multiplier!


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Airport-related Injustice and Resistance