Take the Pledge

In the last months, we stayed grounded because of health and care reasons. Let’s now continue to stay grounded because of climate and care reasons. Only by massively reducing aviation, we can build a climate just mobility and future. We need change by design, not by disaster.

It’s time to take matters into our own hands: the more people pledge to stay grounded also after Corona, the more pressure we can put on policy makers and the industry not to get back to pollution as usual.

Climate Justice is at the core of our campaign.

We therefore need to recognize that we live in a world with deep inequalities, economic and racial injustice. On one hand, people are urged to take planes because of social (e.g. family ties), financial or professional reasons or in cases of emergencies. On the other hand, flying is still a privilege for very few people globally. This pledge is meant for those people that are able to refrain from flying – and by doing so, build up pressure to make climate friendly means of transport accessible to everyone.

Travel as if there was a tomorrow

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Change the rules

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