How to talk about aviation?

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Book Workshops on Aviation & Climate Justice

Do you want to know more about aviation and climate justice and organise an event on these issues?

Stay Grounded’s got you covered!

Our dedicated multipliers are happy to give a free or donation-based workshop in which you can learn about the importance of reducing air travel.

In our workshops you’ll learn:

  • about the relationship between climate justice and aviation,
  • about aviation’s real climate impact,
  • about the aviation industry’s greenwashing strategies and how to counter them,
  • what a just transition of the aviation sector can look like and
  • how to take concrete first steps for reducing flights in your organisation.

Reach out as a multiplier

Do you want to join one of our communication trainings in different languages, connect to our multinational network of multipliers and reach out on issues related to climate justice and aviation? Then click here to find out about the next training dates!

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