Jun 15 2022

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Policy Discussion: How to finally implement the Kerosene Tax?

Policy Discussion: How to finally implement the Kerosene Tax?

It seems ridiculous, but it’s true: the fuel of the most polluting mode of transport isn’t taxed on international flights in almost any country. It never has been in the EU. The EU Fit for 55 climate package, published mid 2021, makes a proposal – the third in 20 years – to end this tax exemption for jet fuel. However, the proposal is not ambitious enough, and a unanimous vote of all EU member states in the EU Council would be needed to implement it.

Much pressure from civil society would be needed to achieve this, while it makes sense to simultaneously push for bilateral taxation schemes between member states which has been allowed since 2003 but never used.

What role does taxing have in the overall changes that need to happen to reduce aviation? Is it the bare minimum? Is it a major game-changer? How much focus should civil society put on it? Which could be good points of intervention for NGOs and activists?

After inputs from policy experts, we welcome you all to participate in an open discussion on best strategies and actions to take following this debate.

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