May 23 2023


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Private jets = climate scandal!

Demonstration on the occasion of the major private aviation exhibition at Palexpo (Geneva)

Tuesday 23rd May 2023

4pm – Meeting point Parc des Cropettes  
16:15 – Departure of the bike parade
16:45 – Gathering in front of Palexpo

Aviation is the most polluting mode of transport
1% of people are responsible for half of the emissions from the aviation sector. Nothing symbolises this injustice better than private jets, which emit 5 to 14 times more CO2 per passenger than a commercial flight.
In 2022: Record number of private jets in the world
The global private jet fleet has more than doubled in 20 years and the number of flights has reached a record high in 2022 with 5.3 million flights worldwide. Since the beginning of the pandemic, emissions from private jets have increased by more than 23%!
A growing climate scandal
After the Twitter accounts tracking the jets of the hyper-rich, after the debates in the French Parliament on their ban, after the decision of Amsterdam airport to put an end to private jets, the debate on the legitimacy of this mode of transport in a world in the throes of a climate catastrophe has never been so hot.
Geneva: a popular destination for jets
Europe’s largest private aviation exhibition* will be held from 23 to 25 May at Palexpo. Each year, the event brings together more than 12,000 people and 400 exhibitors who come to present the latest models of jets with a lot of greenwashing. Geneva airport is one of the main hubs in Europe for private jets with 14,582 flights departing from Cointrin in 2022!

Private jets are incompatible with the respect of our climate commitments and the objective of carbon neutrality. Come and join us in denouncing this ultra-polluting mode of transport reserved for a privileged few, most often the hyper-rich, who are burning the planet. 

We will meet at Les Cropettes at 4pm, from where we will leave by bike to reach Palexpo. Those who wish to come by public transport can come directly to the rally at 4.45pm in front of Palexpo!

*EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention