The aviation industry defends its climate-damaging growth plans against demands to reduce emissions. They promote green flying through new technologies. We look behind the green curtain of their promises.


General Information on Greenwashing

In our info-section on aviation and climate justice you will find some general information on greenwashing.


Greenwashing Fact Sheet Series

We take a closer look at what the industry tells us and what they don’t tell us about “green” solutions like electric or hydrogen flight, biofuels, e-fuels and offsetting.

Campaigns on Greenwashing

Currently, there is no campaign on greenwashing – but we are constantly working on the topic, so make sure to regularily check back!


Past campaigns on Greenwashing:

Take Action against Airline Marketing!↘︎

Stop Greenwashing↘︎

Greenwashing Working Group

The greenwashing working group is detailing and publicising the dangerous, unrealistic and exploitative nature of many false solutions and greenwashing narratives pushed by the aviation industry

Are you knowledgeable about aviation issues and greenwashing and want to join our working group? Then contact Anne (anne[at]