Radicality Reassessment & Preparation of Global Network Meeting

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This is part of a collective effort to transform the way that we, the Stay Grounded Network, define our strategy, shape our proposals and take decisions on them. We want to open up a collective process in which our goals, strategies, tactics and thematic areas are debated and strongly influenced by our members who are willing to take active part in this process. The aim of a lengthy and participated preparation of the global meeting is to make sure that the proposals for campaigns, actions and other activities proposed to the network in our annual assembly are the result of our swarm intelligence.

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This first online discussion to reassess our radicality as a network will kick off the preparation process. This conversation will ground ourselves in concrete goals for the network and our action to drastically reduce aviation.
Guiding questions: Do you think that the radicality of our activities/claims to decision-makers are in line with (1) our position paper and (2) the current social and climate crisis? What should change in order to better address the impunity of the sector, the climate emergency or the public awareness of the real climate impact of aviation? Note that alternatively, you can write your views to info[at]stay-grounded.org
Which of the follow-up strategic discussions for the preparation of the global network meeting will you/your organisation be able to attend?(Required)
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