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Join an international week of action against airline advertising, sponsorship and greenwash on 15th – 22nd April 2024. It’s time to stop promoting our own self-destruction.

The advertising industry plays an active role in driving demand for aviation. At a time when we need to scale back air traffic movements, end all airport expansion and create a just transition for aviation workers, advertising continues to promote the expansion of an industry that has no credible plan for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. Aviation adverts are everywhere in our streets, our social media and airline brands sponsor our sports clubs and artistic institutions. Advertising normalises air travel with a superficial glamour that hides the true climate impacts of flying. This delays the system change we need for how we travel.
Just as we ended tobacco advertising when we realised the harm caused by smoking, many municipal governments are taking action to ban high carbon advertising such as in Amsterdam, Stockholm and London councils. Media outlets such as Dagens ETC in Sweden are refusing to carry airline adverts and sports clubs are facing increasing protests for allowing major tournaments to become a billboard for aviation greenwash.
Join Stay Grounded and Badvertising for an international week of action 15th – 22nd April 2024. Together we can stop adverts fuelling the climate emergency.

Ideas for action include:

  • Exposing the misleading greenwash of the industry’s ‘Sustainable Aviation Fuels’.
  • Pressuring your local government to ban high carbon advertising
  • Campaigning for your sports team to end its sponsorship with an airlines.
  • ‘Subvertising’ the adverts of major airlines in our streets
  • Any other creative interventions!
For further information on the greenwashing of aviation through advertising, read our factsheets.

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