Aug 10 2020


All Day

Artivism Action by Flyglarm Arlanda at Arlanda Airport Stockholm

Come along and rebuild Arlanda airport in Stockholm (SE) on the 10th of August!

At a time when most people have realized that we are in the middle of a global emergency for the climate and ecosystems, the Swedish government is choosing to expand for increased flying. The future after the corona pandemic is uncertain. Should we jump on the bandwagon again, Klimatkris Airlines, or start adapting the economy to reality and the planet’s boundaries?

Now that the airline industry is in crisis and the airport company Swedavia has lost a lot of money, it will continue to be important to mark the beginning of the expansion of Arlanda and demand that air traffic is not allowed to return to the same high levels as before. We can not stand by and watch as the government continues to favor activities that harm the climate and the environment, but we will mobilize broadly to show that a fourth runway and a major international terminal at Arlanda have no place on a sustainable planet.

We demand that the government interrupts the expansion of Arlanda and instead invests in sustainable transport, so as not to allow air traffic to return to 2019’s high levels. Anyone who cares about the future of the planet is welcome to help. Cancel everything else and fight against the expansion with us on 10th of August 2020.

Do you want to know more about August 10 and how you can help us stop an increased flight from Arlanda?  Read more on and fill in the interest form here.