Sit-in of farmers for more than a month against Karad Airport expansion

For 36 days, small-scale farmers have been protesting days and nights with a sit-in in front of the district’s planning administration (Satara Collector Office) against the expansion of Karad Airport in Maharashtra State, India. The farmers had started the sit-in (Thiyya Aandola) on 29th of July and announced to continue their protest until the government meets their demands and cancels the expansion project. This agitation is the latest in the ongoing resistance of farmers opposing the airport expansion for more than 8 years. The protests take place under the aegis of the socio-political organization Shramik Mukti Dal.

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Opening of the BER successfully sabotaged

On the occasion of the technical rehearsal, a group of penguins called "Am Boden bleiben" (Stay Grounded) claimed responsibility for the prevented opening of Berlin's breakdown airport. As part of the movement for climate justice, the penguins have been sabotaging the BER for years to prevent an increase in air traffic, reveals a video and letter claiming responsibility.

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More than 300 aviation-related conflicts and environmental justice movements around the world mapped in research project

The EnvJustice project of the Environmental Science and Technology Institute at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Autonomous University of Barcelona) ICTA-UAB and the Stay Grounded network have registered more than 300 socio-environmental conflicts related to the expansion or creation of new airports or aerotropolis (airports surrounded by industrial and commercial zones). 60 of these have been analyzed and...

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Ativistas interrompem primeiro-ministro de Portugal e exigem que diga a verdade sobre os impactos do aumento do tráfego aéreo

A Rebelião da Extinção invadiu o aniversário do partido do governo, no passado dia 22 de abril, para denunciar o acordo que o governo português assinou com a multinacional Vinci para um novo aeroporto no Montijo e expansão do aeroporto da Portela. As ativistas, que subscrevem a declaração da rede ATERRA – Stay Grounded, interromperam o discurso do primeiro ministro com aviões de papel e exibiram uma faixa onde se lê “Mais aviões? Só a brincar! Precisamos dum plano B, não há planeta B”. (more…)

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Illegal construction works associated with New Mexico City International Airport

CPOOME raises an urgent alert upon the illegal construction works associated with the New Mexico City International Airport. Workers, trucks and heavy machinery had entered the Ejidos of Nexquipayac on the Texcoco Lake shore without authorization and presentation of the project to the community on March 6th. After having faced resistance by farmers, the construction company was guarded by about a hundred strikers and armed men in the second attempt, threatening ejidatarios and ...

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Open Letter: Solidarity with Save Maldives

On Febuary 26, the Stay Grounded Network sent out an open letter to the President of the Maldives on behalf of its more than 100 global member organisations in solidarity with the Save Maldives citizen movement. It urges the recently elected President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to stop the ongoing and planned destruction of ecosystems and livelihoods for airport infrastructure - making the archipelago even more vulnerable to the climate crisis.

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