New Position Paper is out

by | 13 Jul 2018 | Stay Grounded activities

The position paper “Stay Grounded – 13 steps for a just transport system and for rapidly reducing aviation” is ready. Find the position paper here.

The paper has evolved in a almost year-long democratic consensus-based process. At several network meetings, we identified obstacles to reduce aviation emissions, shared our visions of a just and ecologically sound transport system, and elaborated possible strategies and tactics to get there. The discussion process was continued via an online document.

After the second network meeting in Bonn in November 2017, a working group made up of members around the world wrote a draft paper. This was then discussed online, including the feedback of scientists and civil society experts via several feedback loops. Final remarks from the third network meeting in London in April 2018 were included. After including last remarks and finding a consensus on the current version, the paper is finally ready!

Now, the position paper can be spread among civil society. It serves to finally bring about the debate on the issue of aviation, the problematic climate solutions promoted by the industry, and steps needed for reducing aviation. We hope for many civil society organisations to support the 13 steps we propose, and to sign the paper.

This will send a message to the broader public, policy makers and the industry that resistance to aviation growth and airport expansion is rising, and that their plans won’t go forward unchallenged. The position paper will be publicly launched beginning of October during the Stay Grounded action weeks. We hope for your participation.