Veleiros no Tejo contra aeroporto no Montijo

Este domingo à tarde, juntámo-nos em Lisboa para uma ação surpresa em defesa do estuário do Tejo, contra o projeto do novo aeroporto previsto para o Montijo. Enquanto na cimeira do clima na Polónia os líderes mundiais continuam o “business as usual”, dois veleiros fundearam em frente ao Terreiro do Paço e desembarcaram no Cais das Colunas, numa ação intitulada “Içar as velas pelo estuário do Tejo! Não ao novo aeroporto no Montijo”.


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Press Release: ‘Bulacan Aerotropolis’ threatens marine ecology, food security – fisherfolk

Calling it as one of the biggest environmental disasters to hit Manila Bay, the activist fisherfolk group PAMALAKAYA-Pilipinas said the Bulacan Aerotropolis Project will kill both the marine ecosystem and the lives of thousands of fisherfolk who subsist by fishing in the waters of Manila Bay. The project will be constructed at the 2,500-hectare waters of Manila Bay in ...

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New french report “L’illusion de l’aviation verte”

The aviation industry has announced its intention to become greener in the future. This report examines the different climate strategies. Do they deliver on their promises? Is carbon-neutral growth a realistic goal? "L'illusion de l'aviation verte" is written for people and groups that want to understand the greening strategies in order to effectively address aviation growth and climate change.

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